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Toyoda-shi, Aichi|Manufacture of production machinery and equipment


Feature 1: Reduction of vibration and noise of an air hammerApuren's air hammer reduces transmission of vibration to a worker to 1/5 to 1/10 of the conventional air hammer. Apuren's air hammer reduces noise as well and acquired the patent right.

Feature 2: Responding flexibly to every customer's needsWe respond to each and every customer's needs. Initially, it may take time and money for a product to be completed, but we provide products that meet customer's expectation once we receive an order. Our products, created based on ideas from customers and Apuren, have started to be introduced in the market. Please contact us if you have any idea in mind.

MessageEfforts to reduce vibration and noise, which we has been working for the last 5 years, started when we heard a claim from customers "nothing has been changed concerning hammers for 30 years", "there is no best matching tool for air hammer". Since then, we had been working on creating an innovative tool and finally, have come to develop "fine reaction air hammer" which reduces vibration of an air hammer transmitted to a worker. A patent was obtained in September 2012. We'll continue our efforts to reduce vibration and noise further. We have realized low vibration that can be mounted on a servo controlled robot, and we hope to expand the market.

President Yukio Watanabe

Establishment October, 1997
Paid-In capital 10,000,000 JPY
Number of Employees 3
Business Manufacture of production machinery and equipment
TEL/FAX +81-565-80-7388 / +81-565-80-7399


Product 1: Hand-held continuous application fine reaction air hammer "Apuren Blue"
Unprecedented reduction of vibration (90% of products in the market) and noise (more than 10db reduction) alleviate the risk to the health of workers, contributing to the eradication of trouble caused by vibration, which has been left untouched.

Product 2: Robot arm installation type continuous application air hammer
Development of the hand held continuous application fine reaction air hammer made it possible to create a hammer that can be attached to a robot without disturbing arm motor.

Product 3: Hand held single application air hammer
Air hammers that allow continuous application have been available in the market, but the one with single application never existed. Therefore, we tried and have succeeded in developing a hand-held single application air hammer that allows single application with desired torque. Apuren's technology makes it possible.

Product 4: Robot arm installation type single application air hammer
Development of a single application air hammer, with introduction of vibration countermeasure, make it possible to install a hammer onto a robot.

Product 5: Small sized forging machine
Large sized expensive forging machines have been available in the market, but a small sized forging machine never existed. We started developing small sized forging machine upon receiving customer's inquiry. As a result, a small sized forging machine that can be used for monument creation or shaping and can be placed on a table was created. The product, with the size of 300 x 350 x 1100mm and weight of 110kg, is called 20kg hammer.

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