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Osaka-shi, Osaka|special dies, tools, jigs, & fixtures


Feature 1: Initiatives for Extending the Life-Expectancy of Dies (Improved Material Particle Flow)We are involved in improving the particle flow of materials (fiber-flow improvements) in order to reduce the burden on dies and extend their life-expectancy levels. Sediments build up when metals flow in the same way as when water flows, and this leads to sediment blockages.

Feature 2: Initiatives for Extending the Life-Expectancy of Dies (Process Design)"What is the ideal shape of formation that does not place a burden on the next process, and what level of dimension precision is most satisfactory?"
Exploiting our strengths as a manufacturer involved in all aspects of production, from design through to die manufacture, enables us to come up with process designs that require thorough levels of precision and strength.

Feature 3: Initiatives for Extending the Life-Expectancy of Dies (Die Design)- Improving die structures and die combination precision
- Predicting die elasticity deformation
- Establishing measures to strengthen the materials used for dies
- Establishing measures for eradicating wear
- Establishing measures for abnormal process layers caused during die processing

Message We have learned everything about the potential of pressure forging through the experience we have accumulated in cold forging and die manufacturing ever since our establishment in 1949, and we have involved ourselves in the use of complex materials that are difficult to mass-produce with forging and the production of dies with an inexhaustible spirit of challenged by seeking to extend the life-expectancy of dies, etc. We are able to produce optimal process designs and suggest and manufacturer die shapes by referencing the data that we have accumulated with the use of the database software and digital dolphins that we developed in-house. Please feel free to contact us with any requests that other companies have rejected as "impossible" and requests that "you feel maybe pushing the boundaries of the impossible", and we will respond with the experience that we have accumulated, the so-called "analog" technical skills of our craftsmen, and our leading-edge systems. We are able to cater to all customer needs through the use of a characteristic technological skills possessed by our factory and our network. We would be especially delighted if overseas users of tungsten carbide dies would test the durability of our dies.

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President Gifuku Furushiba

Establishment April, 1949
Paid-In capital 10,000,000 JPY
Number of Employees 18
Business special dies, tools, jigs, & fixtures
TEL/FAX +81-6-6758-2001 / +81-6-6758-1121


Product 1: Tungsten Carbide Die for Cold Forging Parts

Product 2: Tungsten Carbide Punch for Cold Forging Parts

Product 3: Tungsten Carbide Coating Die for Cold Forging Parts

Product 4: Tungsten Carbide Coating Punch for Cold Forging Parts

Product 5: Cold Forging and Cold Heading Parts

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