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JCD Co., Ltd.

Matsuyama-shi,Ehime|Research, development, manufacturing and sales of vehicle filter


Feature 1: Development of Technologies to reduce Exhaust Gases and Fuel Consumption The results of implementation by the Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI) of fuel consumption testing of automobiles using our lubricating catalyst (Product name: ACF (Active Conditioning Filter)) and cooling catalyst (Product name: SCE (Active Coolant Effector)) in the automobile engine demonstrated the capability to further improve fuel consumption by 6.7% over the norm. Products manufactured by JCD contribute to reductions in CO2 emissions, thus reducing the impact on the environment.

Feature 2: Development of Products for Bio-diesel Engine AutomobilesIn collaboration with a bio-fuel refinement plant manufacturer, JCD has completed long-term driving trials of cars using 100% BDF (High-concentration BDF) and completed verification of elements such as engine interior cleaning performance, durability and safety.
Although the use of high-concentration BDF results in rapid degradation of engine oil, causing the production of substances such as sludge in the engine that can lead to breakdowns, necessitating the frequent implementation of maintenance, use of JCD's BDF-dedicated ACF makes it possible to sustain engine performance at maintenance levels equivalent to those of cars running on diesel oil, thus enabling realization of major economy in maintenance costs.

MessageApproximately a quarter of a century has passed since efforts first began aimed at achieving a more efficient internal-combustion engine.
At the present time, JCD is in the process of applying for domestic and overseas patents for the various technologies owned by the company.
JCD demonstrates its prowess in the amazing high-efficiency combustion and improved engine interior cleaning capability realized by the application of catalysts developed as its core technology in machines using a wide range of internal combustion engines and lubricants.
This enables major reductions running costs and the frequency of maintenance.

President Takeshi Shimizu

Establishment November,2006
Paid-In capital 8,000,000 JPY
Number of Employees 5
Business Research, development, manufacturing and sales of vehicle filter
TEL/FAX +81-89-907-8023 / +81-89-907-8024


Product 1:ACFThe use of ACF in running engines dramatically improves the detergent dispersant function of engine oil, resulting in an astonishing level of sludge removal, thus maintaining the cleanliness of the engine interior and eliminating the need for overhauls.
The resulting reduction in engine friction enhances combustion efficiency and prevents friction caused by sludge in sliding parts, thus suppressing degradation (degradation over time) of engine performance and cutting maintenance costs for the user. ACF also improves mileage.

Product 2:ACE ACE is a catalyst for cooling water in engines that suppresses electrolytic corrosion that occurs inside engines, thus dramatically improving the durability of the engine interior and significantly reducing maintenance and running costs.

Product 3:ACB ACB (Active Combustion Booster), a catalysts chip that uses JCD's catalyst technology to promote combustion, dramatically improves air intake and combustion efficiency when installed in the engine air intake, improves elements such as power, torque and response and achieves remarkable enhancement of silencing performance and fuel consumption. ACB also significantly reduces levels of atmospheric pollutants contained in exhaust gases.

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