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Nogamigiken Co., Ltd.

Meguro-ku, Tokyo|Design and manufacture of molds and ultra-precision jig


Feature 1: Core Technology During the more than forty years since its establishment, Nogamigiken Co., Ltd. has been engaged in research into precision grinding technology. The knowhow we have accumulated in pursuit of technology for the forming of grindstones used in grinding processes has culminated in the realization of our core technology that features parallel and right-angle precision of 5/10,000mm, unachievable even using currently available the state-of-the-art machines.

Feature 2: One-step Manufacturing from Prototyping to Mass-productionBased on information provided by customers, Nogamigiken Co., Ltd. is engaged in processes ranging from design and development to prototyping. In addition, we also carry out mass-production using precision press processing, enabling us to factor mass-production into processes from design to prototyping.
Applying our specialty of ultra-precision grinding technology to ultra-small precision press processing, we have realized an integrated manufacturing process that ranges from the in-house manufacturing of dies and trial casting to mass-production. Our integrated manufacturing process ranging from prototyping to the manufacturing of dies and production also enables us to respond flexibly to sudden changes in specifications and requirements for shorter delivery times.

Feature 3: History of receipt of Numerous AwardsWe are proud of the various awards we have received during the history of our company.
History of awards and business adoptions in recent years

May 2009: Selected by METI as one of "300 of Japan's Vibrant Monodzukuri (Manufacturing) Small and Medium Enterprises" (SMEs)"
October 2009: Adopted by METI as a company to receive a subsidy for product development of Monodzukuri SMEs
July 2010: Adopted by JETRO as a company to receive the support for promising products with export potential
October 2010: Adopted by METI as a support industry
November 2011: Selected for the "CHO- MONODZUKURI Innovative Parts and Components Award" by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Ltd.
Award-winning product: Narrow-pitch Device Film Strip Punch Die
April 2013: Won honorable mention for the "25th Excellent New Technologies and Products Award for SMEs".
Award-winning product: Visually-verifiable Electrode Hand-held Punch

MessageApplying the knowhow in precision blade manufacturing and in-house mass-production presses it has accumulated during the twenty years since its establishment, Nogamigiken Co., Ltd. is engaged in the design and production of precision-punching jigs and dies. The jigs and dies we manufacture specialize in burr, contamination and deformation-free punching of thin film materials including battery electrode materials (electrode plates and separators) and high-function film. Meeting the need of our customers, to date, we have manufactured more than 3,000 order-made jigs. Unfettered by conventional stereotypes, we meet the wide diversity of needs of our customers ranging from the prototyping level to mass-production lines based on our long years of experience and flexible conceptualization, thus enabling our customers to realize goals such as improved production efficiency and cost reductions.

President and CEO
Ryota Nogami

Establishment July, 1973
Paid-In capital 10,000,000 JPY
Number of Employees 52
Business Design and manufacture of molds and ultra-precision jig
TEL/FAX +81-295-53-2109 / +81-295-53-1228


Product 1: Visually-verifiable Hand-held Punch
This product is mainly used for prototyping coil batteries and/or measuring active materials spread.

Product 2: Punch for Lithium Ion Battery Electrodes
Penetration press for electrodes which can be used inside of a glove box.
Lightweight: total weight less than 10Kg.
Like a cassette, simply remove 2 bolts to exchange molds.

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