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TNK sanwa precision co., LTD.

Tsukuba,Ibaraki | Manufacturer of precision parts, etc.


Feature 1: (1) Ultraprecision grinding of submicron precision
(2) Realization of the stable quality control through internal continuous production (heat treatment, cutting, grinding, polishing)
(3) Handling every kind of materials (Super-steel, ceramic, various stainless steels, heat-resistant steel, etc.)
(4) Offering quick delivery and high quality from a single prototype to mass production.
(5) Providing high added-value by proposing a technique.

Feature 2: We provide precision in units of submicron in terms of outside diameter, inside diameter, circularity, straightness, cylindricality, roughness, etc. We have received positive feedback from customers of various industries such as the automobile industry.
The facilities developed by ourselves accounting for 50%, we can provide continuous production from heat treatment, cutting to polishing, etc., with a focus on the competitive grinding work. We also have a number of original materials, which thus allows us to propose a technique.

Feature 3: Example of Utilization/Proposal of Application - Proposal of shift from cutting to grinding –
By replacing a part that has been processed by cutting with a dedicated grinding machine developed by ourselves, we contribute to an increase in precision and reduction of costs.

MessageWe excel at ultraprecise metalworking and are manufacturing and selling, as a major product, metal parts including a precision shaft. We are proud of the world's leading precision and production volume of the precision shaft, in particular, and receive positive feedback from a number of customers in the automobile industry, home electronics industry, optical communication industry, and industrial machinery industry. With the grinding technology as a core technology, we have established the continuous production system of heat treatment, cutting / machining work, press working, development of dedicated machines, etc. 
In addition, we also undertake development of some assembly products.

Hideaki Tayama

Establishment July,1946
Paid-In capital 100,000,000 JPY
Number of Employees 173
Business Manufacturer of precision parts, etc.
TEL/FAX +81-29-866-0811 / +81-29-866-1100


Product 1: Ultraprecision grinding of submicron precision
In addition to the sophisticated grinding and polishing of outside diameter, inside diameter, stepped part, and end face, we can carry out the internal continuous production involving high-level technology such as cutting and heat treatment, etc.

Product 2: Realization of the Pin / Axis
We pursue basic precision and respond to a request for silence, high-speed rotation, and longer operating life.

Product 3: Lead Screw
We can produce high-precision lead screws even from hard materials by grinding work.

Product 4: Roller/Precision Roller
We provide a high-precision roller / precision roller to order.

Product 5: Needle/Precision Needle
We respond to higher functions by increasing an outside diameter mutual error to a nanometer.

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