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YASU-SHI,SHIGA|Distributor of circular knitted fabric and zip fastener, etc.


Feature 1: Dyeing and finish processing Our company dyes synthetic fiber knit fabrics such as nylon, polyester (including polyurethane blends) and others including thick cloth, and process them without creases and rumples. In the adjacent nap-raising plant, we can provide a wide range of processing and treatment to stretch polyurethane blended fabrics as required by our customers. The 2-way B surfaces for supporters are used worldwide.

Feature 2: Cloth hook and loop fastener business Hook-and-loop fasteners of Shinwa are mainly used for industrial purposes (hard-type) both in A and B surfaces and have an engagement strength 5 to 7 times stronger than a common hook and loop fastener. They are used in a variety of fields such as in automobile interiors, furniture, polishing, civil engineering, hair and fashion.

Feature 3: Line tapes for use on artificial turf grounds The "Bell Line" for lining artificial turf grounds is an epoch-making product developed by our company. The tape allows drawing lines on the ground like attaching a tape to it and enables the ground to be used more extensively.

MessageOur company provides dyeing and finishing services for synthetic fiber knitted fabrics. We excel in nap-raising processing and meet a wide range of needs such as loop raising, cut raising, sanding raising and shearing. Synthetic fiber knitted fabrics are used in many products including apparel and materials and their use varies depending on their processing methods.
We own a total of 12 raising machines which are all of different types and we handle all kinds of nap-raised fabric combining loop, cut, sanding and shearing. In the meantime, the resin processing equipment is 3.6m wide and provides a variety of processing including water-repellent, water absorption, flame retardant, and antibacterial finishes.

President Mitsugu Imai

Establishment December,1963
Paid-In capital 99,800,000 JPY
Number of Employees 82
Business Distributor of circular knitted fabric and zip fastener, etc.
TEL/FAX +81-77-587-2056 / +81-77-587-2091


Product 1: 2-way B surfaces
Our 2-way B surfaces are a stretch B surface.

Product 2: Magicloth Hard-type A Surface
Our Magicloth hard-type A surface (mushroom type) is available in various types of pile yarn thickness and length for industrial use. In particular, it is suitable for engagement with non-woven cloth

Product 3: Magicloth Knit B surface
Our company is specialized in raising work and especially we deal with a wide range of hook and loop fasteners – female surface (napping type) from thin cloth to thick cloth to meet a variety of customers' needs.

Product 4: Bell Line (Artificial grass lining tape)Bell-Line is a lining tape for use on artificial grass based on the "Mgicloth" technology of Shinwa Co. The tape allows drawing lines on the ground like attaching a tape to it. We have a variety of types such as non-sanded, sanded, rubber chippings and long-turf version to meet various artificial grass needs.

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