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HAMAMATSU-SHI SHIZUOKA-KEN.|manufacturing and selling dies and plastic parts


Feature 1: We have sophisticated die-making techniques. We have outstanding die-manufacturing technologies ranging from 3D designing, cutting work, electric discharge machining to die assembly and completion enabled by the most advanced facilities and sophisticated processing techniques. We have injection molding machines from 50T to 650T to perform trial hitting and make three-dimensional measurements to assure the quality, which allows us to supply high-quality dies that can satisfy customers.

Feature 2: We have sophisticated injection molding techniques. Since we have continuous streamlined, sophisticated processing techniques that can handle the manufacturing, welding to assembly of moldings by injection molding machines, we can supply not only dies but also high-quality plastic moldings from prototypes to mass-produced products.

Feature 3: We can supply dies across the world through the global network. Our plants in Hamamatsu and Okinawa of Japan and in Thailand allow us to have a network connected to South Korea and China, thereby contributing customers' global business.

Message We are the manufacturer who was founded in 1976 and has been manufacturing and selling dies and plastic parts. We develop our business mainly in Japan. Our motto is to focus on improvement of the quality of dies for plastics and plastic parts and to make products without compromise. We, who have thoroughly mastered the knowledge of dies, deliver low-priced yet high-quality products for dies and parts necessary for mass production of automobiles, motorcycles, outboard engines, home electronics, and housing components. In addition, for quality control, we have various inspection facilities including three-dimensional measuring instruments and established the checking system to prevent defective moldings. We respond to customers' needs by the one-stop production system that performs trial production, die making, resin part manufacturing and delivery as well as by our highly value-added products. If you wish to have a quick delivery, cost reduction and high quality, please contact us.

Establishment December,1980
Paid-In capital 20,000,000 JPY
Number of Employees 50
Business manufacturing and selling dies and plastic parts
TEL/FAX +81-53-582-2606 / +81-53-582-2607


Product 1: Die for resin parts of air cleaners for two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles
The die for resin parts is an engine inlet system component, dictates the engine performance and thus requires high precision.

Product 2: Die for resin parts of intake manifolds of two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles
The highly difficult die is an engine inlet system component, and has been changed from aluminum to resin and contributed to weight saving of the part.

Product 3: Die for resin parts for exterior of two-wheel vehicles
The die needs craftsman's skill that embodies a design requested by a designer, including a cowling.

Product 4: Die for resin parts for interior of four-wheel vehicles
The die is an important safety part such as a cover around seat, overhead console, seatbelt part that inserts a different part.

Product 5: Die for decoration and film insert resin parts The die has enhanced life of products by covering with a film a resin surface of a part which is liable to removal of print or paint.

Product 5: Die for home electronics or housing resin parts We have rich past records in dies for home electronics including room-air conditioners and washing machine and housing resin parts around kitchen.

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