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Yoshida Hamono Co., Ltd.

Taku City, Saga Pre, |manufacture and sale of cutlery general


Feature 1: The production from the small amount of products to fit bespoke and custom-made, of the circumstances of each country We deal with knives of all kinds of materials, such as carbon steel (bronze, SUJ, SK, SKD), stainless steel (V10, 8A) and powder alloy steel (ZDP189) and others to meet the needs of respective customers depending on their special circumstances. In addition, since we deal with a wide range of knives, including hoes, sickles, kitchen knives, scissors, blades for industrial use and others, we can design and manufacture products tailored to our customers' needs

Feature 2: Speed and efficiency thanks to the integrated production Our integrated production system from the material selection enables an efficient and speedy production and development.

Feature 3: Forging and finish forging by skilled craftsmen Our skilled craftsmen mold strong products by hammering steel one by one using a forging machine and/or a belt hammer in the forging stage. In the polishing and finishing stage, skilled knife polishers perform sharpening, polishing and adjusting procedures on knives in 3 to 6 steps. Our customers are invited to try the sophisticated and traditional technique of Saga Knives which date back to the beginning of 17th century (Keicho era in Japanese calendar) .

Message Since its establishment in 1946, our company has endeavored to meet the practical needs of the times by accumulating necessary technologies for the production of knives based on integrated in-house production in order to deal with many production processes. The outstanding excellence of Japanese knives has been recognized by the wider public for the last ten years and sales of kitchen knives in North America and the EU have been increased. In the circumstances, we have started to deal with small quantity order via internet and we sell horticultural knives through trading companies.

Our business consist of three divisions; "GK division (general knives)", "IK division (industrial knives)" and "China subsidiary division" , which represent one third of our sales, respectively. The GK-general knives include many items such as sickles, hoes, knives, and scissors which are delivered to mass retailers across Japan. 90% of them are OEM produced, while the IK-industrial knives, 50% of which are produced by OEM and by our company, respectively, are mainly the production of blades for grinding lumber, plastics and sugar canes. The "GK division" deals mainly with plastic forming such as rolling and forging, while the "IK division" is focused on one part processing based on copper alloy brazing. The "subsidiary in China" exports 95% of its products to our head office.

President Kenji Yoshida

Establishment October,1970
Paid-In capital 32,000,000 JPY
Number of Employees 31
Business manufacture and sale of cutlery general
TEL/FAX +81-952-76-3867 / +81-952-76-4126


Product 1: ZDP189 Black Santoku Knife
Product ID: ZDP-001
Product name: ZDP189 Black Santoku Knife
The knife has a125mm-long handle and 170mm-long blade, made of three layer blade of ZDP-189 and SUS410 with a thickness of 2.1mm. The handle is made of red sandalwood with a weight of 150g.

1. Made in Japan
2. ZDP-189 which is a high quality powder alloy steel is used at the blade end.
3. Cutting edge hardness is more than 63 HRC.
4. The knife has an excellent cutting performance and excellent wear resistance as well as long life.
Besides, we manufacture many types of knives for domestic use, professional and business use. We endeavor to make product development focused on cutting performance and ease for use.

Product 2: Twisted sickle (with steel on)
Product ID: J101
Product name: Twisted sickle (with steel on)
The sickle has a 260mm-long handle and 125mm-long blade, made of SK-5. The handle is made of Castanopsis with a net weight of 0.2kg.
A box includes 20 sickles.

1. This sickle has been manufactured and sold for 45 years.
2. Made in Japan
3. The sickle has an excellent cutting performance and has a hardness of 58 – 60 HRC.
4. Most suitable for gardening.
5. OEM is possible.
This is a tool for grass-cutting, land clearing and others with one hand. In addition to the representative twisted sickle, we endeavor to make product development focused on ease for use, cutting performance and toughness.

Product 3: Fixed blade for one-shaft grinder
We offer rotary blades for one-shaft grinders and chipper knives besides rotary blades for grinders.
We accept one product order and trial production.
Our company is good at manufacturing products of complicated shape.
In addition, our multiple and low-volume production system allows us to meet flexibly to the needs of our customers.

Product 4: Chopper (double edged) with casing.
Product ID: 344
Product name: Chopper (double edged) with casing.
The chopper has a 210mm-long handle and 170mm-long blade with a hardness of HRC60.
The handle is made of oak with a net weight of 800g.
This chopper is used for wood and garden pruning as well as for cutting and splitting wood.
There are different types in weight and blade length.

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